Chance is a non-profit, non-governmental, American educational organization that was established in 2012. Chance’s goal is to support the education and professional development of socially vulnerable young people. The program offers numerous benefits, including high-quality academic training and significant potential for motivated individuals. These young participants, who are still in their formative years, are not only committed to learning but also demonstrate great potential for personal and professional growth. Chance provides comprehensive support, and its beneficiaries have a strong motivation for learning and professional development, which is essential in the early stages of their lives. Consequently, Chance offers them a complex support system. The program is oriented to three goals: assisting them in professional self-assessment, academic education, and filling any gaps necessary for successful integration into society. In addition to formal education, one of the main goals of the program is the socialization of young people and the enhancement of their non-formal educational opportunities. Therefore, Chance continuously supports individuals involved in various fields. The program helps in the organization of discussions and training sessions that are focused on the interests of the beneficiaries. With the aim of promoting learning and personal development, Program Chance provides a monthly stipend to every high-achieving student. In Program Chance, accepting the beneficiaries is based on specific criteria. For participation in the program, the eligible individual must demonstrate needs. Students who are from socially disadvantaged families, who don’t have any access to resources, or are ward of the states, are eligible. The program provides individualized support to each beneficiary based on their specific circumstances.

With the aim of improving the living conditions of young people, the organization“Tbili Sakhli Akhalgazrdebistvis” (Warm House for Young People) established under Program Chance, provides beneficiaries with free housing, which is fully furnished and well-maintained. Since its establishment, up to 120 young people have benefited from the program. The organization actively continues to provide new beneficiaries with support and care for their well-being.