National Exam Preparation Program

Program Chance provides Mathematics, English, Georgian, History, Geography, Biology, and Chemistry classes for participants in the 11 th and 12 th grades. These classes, which take place twice a week, are offered free of charge. Students are provided with free lunch as well and free transportation...

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Scholarship for University Students

Program Chance provides scholarships to bright students attending high school, vocational college, and university levels. It aims to support their academic advancement in Mathematics, English, Georgian, History, Geography, Biology, and Chemistry. The classes are conducted twice a week and they are...

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Warm Home for Young People

Since the program participants are wards of the state, some of them do not have their own living space. The issue of housing was long one of the most challenging problems to solve. In an attempt to mitigate this issue, the organization Warm House for Young People was created from Program Chance. The housing program...

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