Scholarship for University Students


Program Chance provides scholarships to bright students attending high school, vocational college, and university levels. It aims to support their academic advancement in Mathematics, English, Georgian, History, Geography, Biology, and Chemistry. The classes are conducted twice a week and they are fully funded by the program. The students are highly motivated and diligent in their studies. In addition to financial support, Program Chance assists students in professional development, non-formal education, and prepares them for further employment. The program encourages the qualification enhancement of students through practical knowledge and internships, prepares them for successful careers and engages them in various educational activities.

Since the founding of the program, the integration of knowledge and experience has been a central idea, benefiting new students and those starting advanced courses. They share their practical experience with beginners and contribute to general educational development. Practically speaking, peer-to-peer interaction and observation have proven to be more effective and productive methods.